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Comprehensive Eye Examinations for All Ages, including   Preschoolers
•  Eyewear Designing and Dispensing

• Contact Lens Fitting and Follow-up, including Bifocal, Disposable and Astigmatism  Lenses

• Treatment of Eye Diseases including Glaucoma

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• Treatment for Binocular Vision Conditions, such as Amblyopia(lazy eye), Convergence Insufficiency (near vision    disorder), Diplopia (double vision), Lack of Stereopsis (two-eyed depth perception), and Strabismus (cross-eyed,  wandering eye, eye turns, etc.)

• Visual Rehabilitation for Patients with Special Needs, such as Developmental Delays or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), including    Stroke, Whiplash, TBI, MS, etc.

• Treatment for Stress-related Visual Problems, including Blurred Vision, Visual Stress from Reading and Computers, Eye Strain    Headaches, and/or Vision-induced Stomachaches or Motion Sickness.

• Sports Vision Correction and/or Improvement.

There's more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight! Learn more about symptoms of visual problems which affect reading,    learning, school and sports success.
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